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Patient Portal

  • Established patients can access your patient portal HERE.

  • You must be web enabled through our electronic medical records. 

  • Please contact the office with any questions.

Office Policies

No Show Policy - A "No Show" is defined as a missed appointment without cancellation 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.  We understand that things come up and you may have to miss a scheduled appointment at times, however, this does take time away that may be offered to other patients who may need to be seen urgently.   After three "no show" appointments, there will be a $20 fee per incident from that date forward.  This fee is NOT covered by insurance .  This charge will be in addition to any additional charges that you may have incurred at the office and this fee is not refundable.  Repeated missed appointments may result in discharge from the practice.  In this case, you will be provided emergent care only for 30 days and your medical records will be forwarded to your new healthcare provider.

Financial Agreement - Payment, including copays and all outstanding balances, must be paid at the time of service, prior to being seen by a provider.  Please notify our staff if you are having extreme financial difficulty to allow us to make arrangements for payment.   If your account is sent to collections,  you agree to reimburse any fees charged by the collection agency which will be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.3% of the account balance sent to collections, and all costs and expenses incurred for any collection efforts on your account, including reasonable attorney fees incurred by the collection agency.  

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