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Primary Care

Ear Doctor

Primary Care

We offer personalized health care for you and your family.  Our providers want to partner with you to achieve your optimal health.   We encourage patients to have an annual wellness exam and age appropriate health screenings to keep you at your best and to identify problem areas to address before they become major health issues.   But, as problems do arise,  we will work with you to manage your chronic medical conditions and treat your acute illnesses to get you feeling better fast!

Special services available: 

  • Onsite X-ray

  • Onsite Laboratory

  • Curbside COVID, flu and strep testing

  • Curbside sick visits

  • Televisits 

  • DOT physicals and drug screens

  • The Genesight Psychotropic test is available here.  It is a genetic test done through a cheek swab.   This test shows your provider how your genes may affect your medication outcomes.  This test may reveal which medications to treat depression, anxiety ADHD and other mental health conditions require dose adjustments, may be less likely to work, or have higher risk of side effects based on your DNA.   Click here for more information.

  • NeoVare Hereditary Cancer Test is an easy and simple blood or saliva test that assesses your risk of developing cancer due to hereditary gene mutations.  The test could be covered by your insurance if you meet the criteria of the National Comprehensive Cancer Care Network guidelines.   Click here to complete the screening form. 

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